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Drawing Home Narrative Feature

written by
Donna Logan and Markus Rupprecht

directed by
Markus Rupprecht

produced by
Margarethe Baillou & Allan Neuwirth


Boston in the 1920s.  A young East Coast debutante is dating the wealthiest and most famous bachelor in the world.  Her future seems set: a dream life in the upper echelons of society.  But then, when she least expects it, she meets her soulmate, a young Canadian painter from the mountains of Banff, Alberta.  Their worlds are polar opposites, yet their passion for creating art pulls them together.  As their attraction turns their lives upside down, they soon face a universal question: Can you find “home” in another person? Inspired by the true story of Peter and Catharine Whyte.

Starring Juan Riedinger (Peter Whyte), Kate Mulgrew (Edith Morse Robb), Peter Strauss (Russell Robb Sr.), Torrance Coombs (Kit Paley), Kristin Griffith (Jean Caird), Christian Campbell (Cliff Whyte) as well as Rutger Hauer (Carl Rungius) and Wallace Shawn (The Tourist Mr. Garfield), and introducing Julie Lynn Mortensen (Catharine Robb Whyte).

Filmed on location in Banff and Yoho National Parks with permission from Parks Canada Agency; Calgary and at the Stoney Nakoda First Nation in Morley, Alberta; Montreal and Laval, Quebec and Concord, Massachusetts.

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