M.Y.R.A. (Movement. Youth. Resources. Art.) ENTERTAINMENT, llc is an independent film production company in NEW YORK, headed by founder/producer Margarethe Baillou and chief operating officer Nicola Walter. Its sister company, M.Y.R.A. ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE ltd in LONDON, is founded and headed by Margarethe Baillou. Projects include feature films, documentaries, short films, video art and television series. Notably, all productions are free of verbal and graphic violence.

We think of storytelling as traveling. So, we invite our audiences on journeys around the globe and through time, discovering sights, sounds and people whose varieties offer the most powerful inspiration of all, true to our motto "The Camera Knows No Flag."

M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, llc funds the M.Y.R.A. INITIATIVE, inc. in NEW YORK, a foundation established by Margarethe Baillou with Nicola Walter serving as honorary executive director. Its work consists of an emergency relief fund for children in crisis, investments in other colleagues' nonviolent film projects and the development of a traveling film festival celebrating nonviolent cinema.


After receiving rave reviews of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME at its world premiere at Sundance in January, its European premiere at the Berlinale in February and its Canadian premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, the film’s theatrical release will be on October 27th in the U.K. and on November 24th in the U.S.  Watch the Official Trailer here.

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